Heavy Duty Fight Management partner Prima Solutions Diagnostics

July 13, 2017

Heavy Duty Fight Management partner Prima Solutions Diagnostics

Heavy Duty Fight Management are pleased to announce an exclusive deal with Prima Solutions Diagnostics & welcome on board Jamie Carruthers & Matt Roberts.

Both Jamie & Matt are expert nutritionists & will be working with many of our elite athletes along with several of our early pro & hot prospect amateurs in what we believe is the most critical area of any fight camp, the weight cut.

Our aim is to test each athlete using a blood sample to enable us find out each athletes 'Bio Markers'. From the results we can look at where our athletes are deficient in many areas & start to put things right.

We can then help the head coach & team of the athlete throughout the camp & look at the weight cutting process off fact based information & supply the right advice on food, supplements, exercise & rehydration.

We cannot stress how important we believe this area is to any athletes fight camp. Athletes train many disciplines to get a small percent advantage over their opponent then might go & put something in their body that has a huge negative effect on their performance.

The data we will amass over a period of time will take all the guess work out of this area for every HD athlete & leave nothing to chance.

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